Sail Mates| Carlsbad children’s photographer

It was not easy to top the neighborhood Valentine ice cream photo shoot from last year but I think we did it! I was going for a vintage nautical theme tied with fashion. A few things I love about the moms in the hood is that they are all really fun, love to drink wine and share my love for children’s fashion. So here it is the new front image of my website (that will be redesigned soon) and the great kids that live in our  hood! Hope your day is going well and have a Happy Valentine’s Day!!!! This photo shoot took place over two days. My personal images can be seen here.

Renee Hindman Photography| Carlsbad Child Photography

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3 thoughts on “Sail Mates| Carlsbad children’s photographer”

  1. I LOVE, LOVE these. Beautiful images and wow, what beautiful children!!!!!!!!

  2. So fun! What an amazing job you did!

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