My Baby is 4| San Diego Child Photographer

My baby is officially 4 and I am so excited. Yes, it is sad when the children get a little older, especially when you love babies as much as I do. However, I am not sad. I am having more fun with my girls than ever before! Just check out these poses Tyler has learned from her sisters. Enjoy!


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6 thoughts on “My Baby is 4| San Diego Child Photographer”

  1. I love her red hair. . . .and her outfits. Beautiful. Gorgeous pictures.

  2. Gorgeous! I too have 3 girls and I agree, the older they get, there are just so many more fun things you can do! I will miss not having a baby though…

  3. Jennifer burrows

    These are absolutely beautiful. You are a true talent, Renee.

  4. Kate Galloway

    Renee, WOW! These pictures are awesome! I LOVE the colors, that yellow truck and your daughters gorgeous hair. All of it looks so great. Just had to comment. Hope you guys had a wonderful time celebrating at Disney!!! Take care, Kate

  5. Rey

    What a gorgeous child! And the colors in your photos pop beautifully!

  6. Gretchen

    Well worth the stop Renee! The photos and your girl are BEAUTIFUL!!!

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