It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown| San Diego Child Photographer

Here it is, the pumpkin patch part 2. What began as a sweet little shoot of our kids in costume escalated into this 2 part shoot. As a kid, I did not play with dolls, I had a snoopy and woodstock with multiple outfits and gear. He was definitely my main man. It brought great pride to recreate this image from a show that I patiently awaited on television every season.  It is all good and I think this is one of my favorite shoots to date. Working with Kamee June is beyond fun and I can’t wait until our next shoot!

© Renee Hindman Photography


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5 thoughts on “It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown| San Diego Child Photographer”

  1. best shot? the final one!! 😉 just kidding! i forgot to post mine like that. glad you gave us a shout out! 😉 renee, i loved this so much! we have to do it again soon. real soon. 😉

  2. Teresa

    What a fun photo shoot – wish we were there!

  3. Kim

    that is hysterical! well done

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