Ghosts | San Diego child photographer

>American Halloween- a true melting pot of historic and religious traditions.  A day that continues to morph into different shapes each year by incorporating creativity and ideas.

Previously I photographed my children in various costumes and pumpkin patches.  I was satisfied with those  traditional images, but this year I wanted to create an image that would invoke emotion, thought, and reflection.   With the help of the great photographer Kamee June, I was able to branch out of traditional children’s photography.

I hope you enjoy my images and that they inspire you to create some Halloween art of your own.  Whatever style you embrace–happy Halloween!


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8 thoughts on “Ghosts | San Diego child photographer”

  1. Megan Felkins

    In LOVE with these.

  2. Amy F

    I LOVE these. Tony has wanted me to do something like this for years. Can I book you now for next fall???

  3. Cheryl

    omg! so scary but so cool, renee!

  4. eileen

    love the one with the girls laughing. Truly beautiful! Like a memory you’re trying to hold onto!

  5. teresa

    Spooky and beautiful. Great job!

  6. Becky E

    Happy Halloween! These turned out amazing! Cool concept, Renee.

  7. This is my favorite photoshoot with the ‘ghost’ theme!!!

  8. Such a cool idea! Some people might be a little freaked out at the thought of it, but I quite enjoy the concept. I’m also lucky that I love editing. I might try something like this soon.

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