Big Bear Family Photographer

Nearly all my life I have dreamed of being a Big Bear family photographer and cabin owner…

Snow sports have been a part of my life since the age of 10. My mom used to drive us four kids up the mountain to ski and then drive us all home in the evening. It was a really long and tiresome day but one that filled my childhood with memories. I can also remember longing to stay the night in a cabin and ski again the next day. As a child, I remember thinking, people that owned cabins in Big Bear were really lucky… and they are!

My parents taught me the value of hard work, perseverance, and goal setting. They taught me these things by example. Fast forward 30 years and our family owns a small cabin in Big Bear. I am proud to make the back to back ski days a reality. My children will not know what it is like to get up at 5:00 am, make the three hour drive up the hill, ski all day, and drive home that night. We are all really lucky and the kids are told this every time we are headed up.

Now… it is the tiniest cabin in Big Bear but it has the biggest backyard.

As I was dreaming of cabins in Big Bear the past ten years, I also imagined bringing clients up to Big Bear for photo shoots. I really can’t wait to be a Big Bear family photographer. I think it is one of the most beautiful places in southern California. In just under three hours you can be up in the mountains breathing mountain air… It just makes me happy.

I blindly threw out on Facebook that I was now a Big Bear family photographer and I was SO happy that my friend Ursula emailed me right away. I have been taking her pictures for about 8 years and she was the perfect first client and friend to have up there. She is a fantastic, hard working single mom who owns her own printing business Blue Water Ink. For all your printing needs, she is your gal!

Since then, I have had a few more family photo shoots in Big Bear and I look forward to MANY more. I will be up there most holiday weekends. Email me if you are interested in preserving fun family memories in the mountains.

Big Bear family photographerBig Bear family photographerBig Bear family photographerBig Bear family photographerBig Bear family photographerBig Bear family photographerBig Bear family photographerBig Bear family photographerRenee Hindman is San Diego's leading portrait photographer. She is now taking her vision and business up to Big Bear to be a family photographer.

All images were taken in Big Bear, California by Renee Hindman.

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